But sometimes, nightmares are real

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Touched by Death Masterpost
Touched by Death

Pairings: J2, past Jeff/Samantha
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: violence, depiction of crime scene
Author Notes: Huge thank you to my amazing beta lotrspnfangirl, I honestly would not have even made a coherent chapter without her.
And a grand applause for my lovely artist amberdreamsfor creating some beautiful pieces to go along with my story, I am truly grateful. The link can be found below PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!

Summary: NYPD Detective Jensen Ackles has built his life around solving crimes and getting justice under the weight of his badge. But when an unsolved case gets a warm body, his life, the man he loves, and even his sanity are put in jeopardy. Because after all, the hardest thing to do is love something death can touch.

And I know a couple people were asking about a PDF version, well the gracious claricehubert has provided one! So please just send me a message with your email or leave a comment below and I will send it to you.

Art Masterpost: http://amberdreams.livejournal.com/334456.html

Chapter 1: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/6136.html
Chapter 2: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/6233.html
Chapter 3: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/6419.html
Chapter 4: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/6765.html
Chapter 5: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/6940.html
Chapter 6: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/7196.html
Chapter 7: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/7478.html
Chapter 8: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/7816.html
Chapter 9: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/8110.html
Chapter 10: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/8322.html
Chapter 11: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/8462.html
Chapter 12: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/8799.html
Chapter 13: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/9206.html
Chapter 14: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/9239.html
Chapter 15: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/9659.html
Chapter 16: http://spnloverja.livejournal.com/9976.html

Touched by Death Chapter 16
Chapter 16Collapse )

Touched by Death Chapter 15
Chapter 15Collapse )

Touched by Death Chapter 14
Chapter 14Collapse )

Touched by Death Chapter 13
Chapter 13Collapse )

Touched by Death Chapter 12
Chapter 12Collapse )

Touched by Death Chapter 11
Chapter 11Collapse )

Touched by Death Chapter 10
Chapter 10Collapse )

Touched by Death Chapter 9
Chapter 9Collapse )


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